Immigrant Rights

Lawyers for Civil Rights fights discrimination on behalf of immigrant families and children.

During the Trump era, LCR filed the first lawsuits in the country to protect sanctuary cities; save TPS on behalf of Central American and Haitian immigrants; block immigration arrests in courthouses; and reunite children who were forcibly separated by the federal government from their parents at the border.

During the pandemic, LCR worked closely with our community partners to secure the humanitarian release of individuals at risk of COVID-19 infection, illness and death from the Bristol County immigration detention facility (Savino v. Souza). After our successful case, the immigration facility was shut down. View the story →

Most recently, our legal warriors sued top Florida officials for fraudulently relocating Venezuelan migrants from San Antonio to Martha’s Vineyard (Alianza Americas v. DeSantis). View the story →

Groundbreaking Reports

LCR releases groundbreaking reports based on fact-finding missions to Central America and the U.S./Mexico border:

Fleeing, Not Migrating: Crisis in Central AmericaDocuments conditions in Guatemala and Honduras in 2022. View the report →  and view photos and news coverage of our legal warriors at U.S. border →

Deprived and Denied: Refugees Facing Abuses At The Border. Investigating conditions in response to the Haitian refugee crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border in 2021. View the report →

Fleeing, Not Migrating: Toward A Solution To The Human Rights Crisis Affecting Migrants and Asylum Seekers. Documenting conditions in Central America in 2019. View the report →

Tantamount To A Death Sentence: Deported TPS Recipients Will Experience Extreme Violence and Poverty in Honduras and El Salvador. Documenting conditions in Honduras and El Salvador in 2018. View the report →  and view photos and news coverage →