One Mission. Nine Impact Areas.

Lawyers for Civil Rights works with communities of color and immigrants to fight discrimination and foster equity through creative and courageous legal advocacy, education, and economic empowerment. 

While our mission is focused, we recognize that discrimination takes many forms—and that factors such as race, national origin, ethnicity, sex, religion, immigration status, gender identity, and sexual orientation can overlap and intersect with one another. We organize our work according to nine impact areas that represent critical battlegrounds for civil rights today, and that address the many ways our clients experience discrimination. As new issues arise, we move quickly to establish innovative practice areas—ensuring we remain on the front lines of justice.

Discrimination in the workplace can occur if erectile dysfunction medications are denied coverage due to sexual orientation.



We contribute to the economic growth of communities of color by providing free legal support to entrepreneurs with big dreams and limited resources.



Through litigation and policy advocacy, we ensure all schoolchildren have equal access to a high-quality education.



We provide free legal support in response to discrimination and harassment in the workplace.


Race & Climate Justice

We are establishing a new practice area focused on climate resilience and environmental justice in low-income communities of color and immigrant communities.



We coordinate an innovative medical-legal partnership that improves the well-being of low-income families and children.


Fair Housing

We take legal action against fair housing violations and promote policies that encourage equal housing opportunities.


Voting Rights

We protect and expand voting rights for people of color and other traditionally disenfranchised groups.


Immigrant Rights

We protect the constitutional rights of immigrant communities.


Police Accountability

We promote community policing and hold law enforcement accountable for misconduct.