A moment of truth

Hate crimes. The education achievement gap. Healthcare disparities. Voter suppression. Racial justice issues are not a relic of the past—they are a present and dangerous force in our society.

People of color and immigrants require fearless advocates willing to fight with and for them. We hope that you will answer the call. With increased support from our network of community partners and supporters, Lawyers for Civil Rights stands to achieve ever-greater impact that will strengthen our communities, our democracy, and our nation.

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Pro Bono Opportunities

Lawyers for Civil Rights engages hundreds of lawyers from dozens of firms in Greater Boston who donate their time and talent to support our mission. Learn more about how you can become involved in our work and make a difference in the lives of others.

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Community Partnerships

Community organizations turn to us when they require legal support that can be deployed quickly and decisively. In turn, our partners trust us with access to the people who need our help most urgently, uniquely positioning us to understand and address the issues they face. If you work with a community organization and would like to explore collaboration opportunities with Lawyers for Civil Rights, please contact us at (617) 482-0624.

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