Statement on Attorney General’s Lawsuit Against Milton

Housing, Racial Justice

Lawyers for Civil Rights Commends Attorney General Campbell’s Swift Action to Hold Milton Accountable for Violating the MBTA Zoning Law

Attorney General Andrea Campbell has sued the Town of Milton for its failure to comply with the MBTA Zoning Law. Lawyers for Civil Rights (“LCR”) applauds this enforcement action, which comes at a critical time as at least two municipalities—Holden and Milton—are in open defiance of the law. Every MBTA Community is now on notice that copy-cat violators will be held accountable. LCR continues to litigate its challenge to Holden’s non-compliance, which will soon reach the appellate level, and looks forward to providing its full support in today’s action against Milton.

As LCR has been saying since 2022, any municipality that refuses to comply with MBTA Zoning Law is selfishly—and illegally—entrenching an unacceptable status quo. The law explicitly requires every covered community to help combat the affordable housing crisis by allowing for more multi-family housing development. It also aims to curtail racially segregated housing patterns by generating more affordable options in historically exclusionary areas. Today’s suit brings us one step closer to a world in which all Commonwealth residents, regardless of their race or income, can secure quality housing in their neighborhood of choice.