The Repair Work Begins Now

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Lawyers for Civil Rights has played a critical role over the last four years securing major legal relief, including nation-wide injunctions, against executive actions that would harm people of color and immigrants. 

We’ve also stopped the dismantlement of long-standing federal programs designed to protect people of color and immigrants. 

As our Executive Director explained on Facebook:

Our work doesn’t end today.

We have a lot of repair work to do to ensure the legal and lived equality — and dignity — of all our families and communities. 

The repair works begins now. 



Message from our Executive Director via Facebook.

My name is Ivan Espinoza-Madrigal, and I am the Executive Director of Lawyers for Civil Rights.

I am going to speak to you this morning from a personal place, but also from an organizational perspective. 

We are at a cross-road.

I am scared, but I am also hopeful. 

Regardless of the election outcome, you can count on Lawyers for Civil Rights to do what we do best: Move the civil rights struggle from the streets to the courtroom. And dismantle racist institutions.  

As legal first responders, at a time of so much uncertainty. At a time when many doors are closing, we are opening ours wider. 

We just hired a new racial justice attorney. This is a new legal warrior who will deepen and expand our life-changing work. Dedicated to George Floyd, this attorney will work on policing and anti-discrimination. This new position will complement the cutting-edge work we’re leading with – and for – families experiencing injustice, including food and housing insecurity. 

Have no doubt: We’re re-doubling our fight against the terror and indignities of racism.

No one is coming to magically save us. Regardless of the outcome, we have to save ourselves – and each other. Regardless of the outcome, we have to empower ourselves – and each other. Regardless of the outcome, we have to build bridges across differences and forge alliances and partnerships. This work belongs to all of us. 

And I know each of us have the capacity to advocate for ourselves, for our families, and for our communities. 

In the coming days, please use your privilege and voice for good. If you are joining protests. Don’t just be a passive bystander. If you see a Black person in distress, don’t walk away or drive away. Stay. Observe. Monitor. Record. This alone can save lives in this time of uncertainty.

I am also personally inviting you to join us! There’s no silver bullet here. Just get involved. This can mean filing a case on behalf of Black driver who was racially profiled or a major class action on behalf of people of color and immigrants. If litigation is not your thing, call us to help incorporate a small Black owned business or to help a struggling mom-and-pop shop stay open in Roxbury or Chelsea.

You can also donate to fuel our life-changing work. With a shoe-string budget, even a gift of $50 is significant for Lawyers for Civil Rights. And we get the job done. 

In closing, a want to say that I feel lucky, privileged, and blessed to live in this country. I can openly criticize the police. I can hold elected officials accountable. I can sue the Mayor, the Governor or Trump many times over. And I have. And I will continue to do so. 

This is my experience. But any of these things would have gotten me killed in Central America. I never lose sight of that.

Don’t lose hope. I know we have more work to do, but I have deep trust in our capacity to learn, grow and change as a society. 

And I have deep respect and gratitude for our values and for the rule of law.

And I have full confidence that my legal team can do this racial justice work with your support.

I have hope. 

And I invite you join me.

Thank you!

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