Equitable East Boston Greenway

Race and Climate

Lawyers for Civil Rights and GreenRoots made recommendations to the City of Boston for the renovation and improvement of the City-owned section of the Mary Ellen Welch Greenway (“The Greenway”) in East Boston. The Greenway is a major community asset, and with improvements it can become a crown jewel spurring recreational, cultural, and economic activity in East Boston. 

Key recommendations include:

  • Climate resiliency to reduce the impact of stormwater and coastal flooding; 
  • Signage in English, Spanish, and Arabic to improve language access; and
  • Convening abutters for greater coordination and collaboration on Greenway maintenance and upkeep. 

The Greenway also has tremendous community, cultural, and economic development potential for East Boston residents. To fully realize this potential, the City should conduct an arts assessment to identify spaces along the Greenway that are suitable for murals, sculptures, and memorials. The Greenway should also have a strategic and dedicated plan for fostering entrepreneurship to help stimulate the local economy in surrounding communities. 

Click here to download the letter.