Worcester Police Fail to Protect Black Mother and Her Kids

Police Accountability, Racial Justice

“Black cunts!”

That’s what Ms. Lewis and her 13 year-old daughter were called along with other horrifying expletives.

That’s what the white gas attendant at Pat’s Towing in Worcester yelled as he violently attacked Ms. Lewis’ car terrifying Ms. Lewis and her three kids trapped inside.

The white gas attendant violently approached Ms. Lewis’ 13 year-old daughter placing her in grave fear of physical injury.

This is all racialized hate and violence in our backyard. But the Worcester Police Department did not take a Black mother and her three kids seriously. They have failed to meaningfully investigate or to pursue charges for race motivated crimes. They also actively tried to discourage her from filing a report and tried to dissuade her from pressing charges against the white assailant.   

We cannot close our eyes to the daily indignities suffered by people of color.  

We are now representing Ms. Lewis and seeking justice. Our work on behalf of Ms. Lewis builds on our advocacy fighting for Ms. Vasquez and her daughter after they were physically attacked for speaking Spanish in public

Immediate responses to these heinous and terrorizing acts from local government officials and law enforcement are critical to deter future racial violence and to build trust between law enforcement and communities of color. 

Our letter to the Worcester police is available here: