Tyre Nichols, Terrence Coleman & Reina Morales

Police Accountability, Racial Justice

The images of police brutality in Memphis are harrowing.

Nearly three years after George Floyd’s murder, we are still living with unmitigated structural and institutionalized violence against Black people.

In Boston, we are not immune.

In our own backyard, we have unchecked violence and neglect affecting people of color.

At Lawyers for Civil Rights, we continue fighting for justice for Terrence Coleman, a Black man killed by Boston police. Resistant to reform and responsibility, the City of Boston continues to drag Terrence’s grieving mother through endless hoops and hurdles. 

Just days ago, Boston police tried to block Lawyers for Civil Rights from demanding justice for Reina Morales Rojas, an immigrant woman who has been missing without meaningful law enforcement investigation since November 26. 

LCR has offered concrete solutions — greater civilian oversight and accountability; more transparency; training on unconscious bias; and limits on use of force — but all we see is business as usual. 

LCR has also encouraged the resolution of longstanding civil rights and racial justice lawsuits pending against the City of Boston, but all we see is business as usual. 

We demand change.

We demand justice.

We demand justice for Tyre Nichols, Terrence Coleman and Reina Morales Rojas.