Condemning Gun Violence

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Condemning Gun Violence Across the Commonwealth 

Gun violence is a plague on the United States, and Massachusetts is far from immune. Shootings on back-to-back days this weekend disrupted Caribbean Festivals in Boston and Worcester, leaving at least ten people injured and local communities of color shaken. Meanwhile, following 21 shooting incidents in the last two months, Springfield has tied a 27-year record for homicides. 
The horrific consequences of this bloodshed cannot be overstated. Young people are dying, families are being destroyed, and residents of Boston, Worcester, and Springfield are forced to live in fear. 
Lawyers for Civil Rights (LCR) condemns this violence in the strongest possible terms. Friends, allies, and our legal warriors live and work in these cities, and have experienced the aftermath of these incidents first-hand. It can’t be allowed to continue. LCR calls on the Healey administration, the mayors of Boston, Worcester, and Springfield, and local law enforcement agencies to find community-based solutions now. 
As our thoughts remain with local victims, and those slain in another act of racist hatred in Jacksonville, we must prioritize this issue. Each of us can contribute by calling our representatives, joining marches, and teaching tolerance, but elected officials are most responsible for protecting our communities. With lives in the balance, there’s no time to waste.


Lawyers for Civil Rights sprung into action to address Massachusetts’ growing gun violence epidemic. Back-to-back shootings over the weekend disrupted Caribbean cultural festivals in Boston and Worcester, leaving communities of color in both cities shaken. These events followed closely on the heels of a horrific double homicide shooting in Springfield. To protect our client communities — and champion public safety in the cities where we live and work — our legal warriors have sent letters to the mayors of Boston, Worcester, and Springfield urging them to prioritize public safety issues. The letters made clear that, to effectively combat shooting violence, local law enforcement personnel must redouble efforts to build community trust in the diverse areas they serve. Our client communities should live without constant fear of gun violence. LCR is requesting meetings with city officials in Boston, Worcester, and Springfield to help support and coordinate community-based public safety efforts. 

The letters are available here:

Click here for the letter to Boston.

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Click here for the letter to Springfield.