Responding to Unprecedented Civil Rights Challenges

Education, Employment, Housing, Police Accountability, Racial Justice, Voting Rights
Responding to Unprecedented Civil Rights Challenges

The federal government has all but abandoned its commitment to enforcing our nation’s civil rights laws. The federal government is impeding progress in voting rights and police accountability cases. Right now,  immigrants and refugees are being detained and interrogated in airports.

Overnight, we’ve had to create a shield to protect our children, families and communities.

We’re holding law enforcement agencies accountable for investigating over 400 hate incidents, and challenging police entanglement in federal immigration enforcement in Bristol and Plymouth.

We’re calling on Facebook and Twitter to curb the spread of hate.

We’re conducting know-your-rights presentations in schools, churches, temples, and mosques in the heart of affected communities, and distributing thousands of palm cards to fight the wave of hate.

In the absence of federal civil rights enforcement, we’re calling on you to be a drum major for justice.