“Perla” Unmasked: Martha’s Vineyard Class Action Statement

Immigrant Rights

“Perla” Unmasked: Statement By Attorneys Representing Martha’s Vineyard Migrants In Federal Class Action Lawsuit

The New York Times and CNN are reporting that “Perla,” the woman sued as Doe Defendant #1 in our federal class action lawsuit brought by the migrants deceived into traveling to Martha’s Vineyard last month, is Perla Huerta.  As alleged in our complaint, “Perla” played an integral on-the-ground recruiting role in Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ scheme, inducing migrants in San Antonio to fly with false promises of employment, education, and housing.

Once we have verified this information, we plan to amend our complaint to substitute Perla’s true name for Doe Defendant #1.  She will then be formally served with the complaint and required to respond in federal district court.  

According to media reports, Perla Huerta is a former combat medic and counterintelligence agent with the U.S. Army, who was recently discharged from the military after two decades.  The fact that “Perla” is apparently a former military operative and spy aligns with the allegations in the complaint – which describe a highly orchestrated plan based on secrecy, deceit, and misrepresentation. 

We look forward to uncovering further evidence as the case proceeds and bringing all of the perpetrators of this scheme to justice. 

More information about the Marty’s Vineyard class action is available here: http://lawyersforcivilrights.org/our-impact/immigrant-rights/immigrants-file-federal-class-action-against-floridas-governor/