$250 Million Appropriation for Emergency Shelter


Lawyers for Civil Rights Statement On Legislature’s $250 Million Appropriation For Emergency Shelter

Lawyers for Civil Rights applauds the Legislature’s announcement today that it will appropriate $250 million to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis facing the Commonwealth’s emergency shelter system.

We are proud that the lawsuit we filed late last month helped bring about this result. Our lawsuit highlighted the plight of families and pregnant women on the brink of homelessness, particularly as winter is approaching. The lawsuit focused on giving the Legislature adequate time and information to evaluate the need for additional funding. In response to our lawsuit, the State issued emergency regulations on October 31, 2023, for the first time outlining exactly what changes it planned for the emergency shelter program. With that information in hand, the Legislature has responded quickly with additional funding and with new provisions to support families placed on the waitlist. 

Having achieved the goals of our lawsuit, we anticipate dismissing it in the days ahead. 

We are grateful for the courage of our clients and community partners in moving this important issue forward, and we look forward to continuing to work in collaboration and partnership with the Governor, the Legislature, and State officials to provide humanitarian relief to families and pregnant women in need of emergency shelter.