Latino Janitor At Logan Airport Files Religious Discrimination Lawsuit


Latino Janitor At Logan Airport Files Religious Discrimination Lawsuit

Relentless Taunting Included Supervisor’s Remark: “Call Your God To Clean The Urinal”

Arcadio Cruz, a practicing Catholic, filed a religious discrimination lawsuit against C&W Facilities Services, a company that provides janitorial service to the Boston Logan International Airport, after he experienced repeated retaliation for engaging in prayer on his breaks and for advocating for his right to observe the Sabbath.

The complaint, which has been filed in Suffolk Superior Court by the law firm, Pontikes Law LLC, and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice, sets forth the persistent demeaning treatment that Mr. Cruz endured. Mr. Cruz was subjected to constant taunting by his supervisors for being open at work about the importance of religion in his life, visiting the airport chapel on his lunch breaks, and carrying a Bible and rosary beads. Disparaging remarks made by his supervisor included “are you coming from praying to your God to help you get your bonus?” and “call your God to clean the urinal.”

“I worked for C&W Services for nearly a decade, planning to retire from this company,” said Mr. Cruz. “But I could not endure the bullying and unfair treatment that I experienced there. I only wanted to do my job, while remaining true to my religious convictions.”

Back in 2014, Mr. Cruz filed an employment discrimination complaint at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) to stop the bullying and unfair treatment that he was experiencing even then. The case was resolved by agreement, including the implementation of a work schedule that did not conflict with Mr. Cruz’s Sabbath. However, four years later, C&W Services began turning a blind eye to its promises and ultimately terminated him.

“It is shameful that low-wage workers have to bring lawsuits to ensure that employers reasonably accommodate them. That is the law, and every worker, in every sector, is entitled to its protection,” said Sophia Hall, an attorney with the Lawyers’ Committee.

“Today’s lawsuit demonstrates that C&W is hostile towards employees who are religious. Discriminating against an employee based on his observance of religious beliefs has been the subject of many lawsuits across the country,” said Bryn Sfetsios, an attorney with Pontikes Law LLC. “All Massachusetts employers should have an appropriate policy to ensure against discrimination based on religion.”

This lawsuit alleges religious discrimination, retaliation, and breach of contract claims. The lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive damages.