Solutions & Strategies to Diversify Boston’s Exam Schools

Education, Racial Justice

Community Forum: Solutions and Strategies to Diversify Boston’s Exam Schools

WHAT: Community Forum on Diversifying Boston’s Exam Schools

WHO: Lawyers for Civil Rights (LCR); the NAACP Boston Branch; and more than a dozen community groups. Speakers will include:

  • Boston City Councilor Kim Janey
  • Iván Espinoza-Madrigal of Lawyers for Civil Rights
  • Lisa Green of Downtown Progressives
  • Tanisha Sullivan of the NAACP Boston Branch

WHEN: February 28 at 6 PM

WHERE: Roxbury Community College, Academic Building #3, First Floor Student Commons, 1234 Columbus Ave, Roxbury Crossing, MA

CONTACT: Iván Espinoza-Madrigal, Executive Director, Lawyers for Civil Rights at or (908) 405-2269.

Boston’s oldest and most prestigious public schools fail to reflect our rich diversity. In 2018, Lawyers for Civil Rights and the NAACP convened a series of forums in neighborhoods across Boston seeking community input on solutions and strategies to make the admissions process for exam schools more equitable.

On February 28 at 6 PM, our final forum will highlight the underrepresentation of students of color in Boston’s elite exam schools. We will discuss the recommendations gathered through our community forums. This bilingual forum will be conducted in English and en español.

Attached, please find a factsheet in English and en español summarizing community-driven strategies and solutions for reforming exam school admissions.

Community Strategies and Solutions FINAL Escuelas en espanol FINAL