City of Boston Retreats from Diversity Efforts

Economic Justice, Education, Racial Justice


Lawyers for Civil Rights learned that the City of Boston is conducting a “review” of the impact of the Supreme Court’s affirmative action decision on “any City and BPS policy.” Taking place behind closed doors, this problematic “review” was not publicly announced or disclosed by the City.  

The City’s legal department has placed key discussions surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion on pause until the completion of this purported “review.”

There’s nothing to review here. It has been 15 days since the Supreme Court issued its extremely narrow ruling on affirmative action – a decision applicable only to the admission process for universities. 

It is inconceivable that the City’s legal department needs 15 days to realize it is not a university. 

The City purports to be a leader on issues of racial justice. True leadership means speaking out boldly, not searching for reasons to retreat. Instead, using a decision that has nothing to do with municipal operations as a justification, the City is immediately wilting.

It is alarming that the City is undermining critical DEI policies and initiatives at a time when the City should be leading the way in critical efforts to protect and promote diversity.

On the eve of the NAACP National Convention, the City should be proactively engaging with the community and pushing forward DEI efforts, not retreating like right-wing groups are hoping.