We’re Taking Action in Response to ICE Raids in Sanctuary Cities

Police Accountability, Racial Justice

Lawyers’ Committee Takes Action in Response to ICE Raids in Sanctuary Cities


Today, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice took immediate action in response to ICE raids targeting immigrants in Massachusetts. The federal government is explicitly retaliating against Massachusetts because our Supreme Judicial Court recently ruled in Lunn v. Commonwealth that state law provides no authority to arrest or hold an individual solely for federal civil immigration purposes.


The federal government is punishing us for following the rule of law. Using the full force and strength of federal enforcement to punitively target immigrants in Massachusetts is an extreme abuse of power. Raiding our cities and towns is a waste of scarce taxpayer dollars, and creates a climate of fear in vulnerable communities. This enforcement activity makes victims and witnesses of crime less likely to cooperate with law enforcement, and renders us all unsafe.


This morning, the Lawyers’ Committee filed a Freedom of Information Act request with federal authorities to assess the full scope of the ICE raids. The request is attached below.

As the first organization in the country to sue the Trump Administration on behalf of sanctuary communities, the Lawyers’ Committee is challenging the constitutionality of President Trump’s executive order against sanctuary jurisdictions.


We will continue to work closely with community groups to protect children and families in all minority and immigrant communities.


Our work in response to the immigration raids was featured on NPR’s All Things Considered, Boston Magazine, and Boston Globe.