Boston Police Hired Less Than 10% of Recent Minority Applicants

Police Accountability, Racial Justice

Boston police hired fewer than 10 percent of minority applicants who took the Civil Service exam to become a patrol officer and join the most recent class of recruits, according to data obtained by 
the Boston Herald. The Boston Police Department’s hiring practices are under investigation by the state’s Civil Service Commission.

As the Executive Director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights noted to the Herald:

“Right now the police department does not reflect that Boston is a majority-minority city. And as the city has been diversifying … the police department keeps falling behind.” A “significant number of people of color” were not hired using a questionable process at a time when the city “desperately” needs to hire more minority officers. The process, shows why “the department continues to not look or feel like the community it protects 
and polices.”

The full article is available here:

This article was also featured on Governing Magazine.