Lawyers’ Committee Represents Students Seeking To Preserve Diversity at Harvard


In a ruling issued this week, a federal appeals court upheld a lower court decision denying a motion that the Lawyers’ Committee filed on behalf of current and prospective students, seeking to intervene in a case challenging Harvard’s affirmative action policies. The students we represent seek to bring a unique student perspective to the case and help preserve Harvard’s ability to consider race as one of many factors in admissions.  While we would have preferred for our clients to be full parties in the litigation, the district court did accord the students “amicus plus” status (p.12 n.3), which will allow us to file briefs and participate in oral argument at key junctures in the case.

Today’s Boston Herald reports on the case and quotes Matt Cregor, our Education Project Director, who notes that “As protests in the last several months at colleges across the country have taught us, student voices matter in helping to make sure our universities are thriving, diverse and welcoming places.” Together with our pro bono co-counsel from Arnold & Porter and our national LCCR office, we plan to continue elevating these student voices, in this case and beyond