Boston Public School Students May Be at a Disadvantage For Getting Into Boston Latin

Education, Racial Justice

Boston’s best public school doesn’t look like the rest of the city, according to WGBH. Overall, Blacks and Latinos make up around 75 percent of students at Boston public schools. But at Boston Latin, they’re about 20 percent of the student body. Civil rights lawyers have said the current admissions policy likely violates state and federal law, but Boston school officials say changing the admissions process is not on the table.

As Matt Cregor, the education project director for the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice, noted:

“There’s much more we have to do to prepare our students so they can succeed. If the district were to expand the way we look at admissions and consider additional factors beyond grades and exams, they could have a far more diverse and representative student body at each of the exam schools.”

The WGBH feature on Boston Latin is available here: