Laura Maslow-Armand

Health Disparities Project Director

Laura Maslow-Armand is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School. For nine years, she was an Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights and Public Charities Divisions where she litigated cases involving housing discrimination, hate crimes and telemarketing fraud. She was part of a team that drafted, implemented, and evaluated the Attorney General’s Community Benefit Guidelines for Non-Profit Acute Care Hospitals.

She has an extensive history of teaching and writing in the field of race relations. She holds a doctorate in History from Harvard University and a doctorate in American Studies from the University of Paris where she taught for 25 years and became a tenured professor.

At Lawyers for Civil Rights for nearly 15 years, she has represented clients in employment and housing discrimination cases in state and federal courts. In 2003, she launched a medical-legal partnership between Lawyers for Civil Rights and the Massachusetts General Hospital HealthCare Center in Chelsea. Her work involves representing tenants in eviction cases, representing claimants seeking public housing assistance, child support, and disability and unemployment benefits.