Separate and still unequal.

Racial Justice

January 21, 2019  Today, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, it’s tempting to say that the worst days of prejudice are behind us, and that the moral arc of the universe is bending closer to equality for all. But, as former Attorney General Eric Holder warns, the arc “only bends toward justice because people pull it towards justice. It doesn’t happen on its own.”

These days, local inaction is just as harmful as federal action.

In Boston, an “alarming pattern of racial segregation has re-emerged” and almost 60% of public schools qualify as intensely segregated.

In Boston, exam schools have created “a system deeply divided along racial lines.”

In Boston, “the middle class is shrinking” and Black men on average make $23,730 annually.

Across Massachusetts, hate crimes have increased by nearly 10% to a 10-year high.

We all know that complacency is incompatible with progress and equality. Today, let’s join forces to build on Dr. King’s legacy:

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“Boston must become a testing ground for the ideals of freedom.” — Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.