We are all Minneapolis

Coronavirus, Police Accountability, Racial Justice

Scenes reminiscent of the civil rights era are unfolding across the country. Black lives are at stake.

Peaceful protesters, bystanders, and reporters have been injured and arrested. 

Cities are on fire.

Lawyers for Civil Rights was founded at the height of the civil rights movement to move racial justice struggles from the street to the courtroom. We know that racism is a pre-existing condition. No community is immune from hate.

Here in Boston, we are seeking justice for Terrence Coleman, a young Black man who was killed by Boston police officers in 2016. Nearly four years later, this matter remains unresolved and we are working closely with his mother, Hope Coleman. 

What got us here will not get us through this. As a country in a journey towards justice, we need a radical rethinking of how we address issues of discrimination, inequity, and violence.

We need urgent action to dismantle racism pre-COVID, mid-COVID, and post-COVID. 

What can you do? 

1) Demand justice for Terrence and Hope Coleman.

2) Call 617-482-1145 to report racial injustice in your community.

3) Stand with us against hate!