Victory! Liberians Triumph Over Trump

Immigrant Rights, Racial Justice

After two years fighting on behalf of Liberian immigrants, we are overjoyed to announced that Congress has legalized our Liberian clients.

As news reports confirm: “In an era of deadlocked immigration policy, this marks the first time in decades that Congress has offered a pathway to citizenship to a new group of immigrants.”

Thousands of families and children who have been in limbo for years — and whose humanitarian protections were abruptly terminated by the Trump Administration — will now be able to safely and legally stay in their homes to live, work, and raise U.S. citizen children.

This is priceless.

This outcome was the direct result of courageous community advocacy coupled with our bold legal strategy. Our federal lawsuit against the Trump Administration on behalf of Liberian nationals generated significant pressure and kept families in place while Congress acted.

In partnership with African Communities Together, the UndocuBlack Network, and LCCR, we are now monitoring the legalization process to make sure that our clients are treated fairly and expeditiously.

This victory is a powerful testament to the impact of our life-changing and law-changing work.

If you haven’t already made a tax-deductible gift this holiday season, I hope this David v. Goliath story moves you to do so: a small, courageous, and determined African immigrant community joining forces with our legal warriors, community allies, and pro bono partners to triumph over the full force of the federal government.

Here’s to moving forward without fail —and without fear.

Happy holidays!

P.S. Check out our newly launched initiative at the cutting-edge intersection of Race and Climate Justice.