Civil Rights Group to AG’s Office: Investigate McKinsey

Immigrant Rights
In an open letter to the Attorneys General of New York and Massachusetts, Lawyers for Civil Rights (LCR) urged immediate action to investigate McKinsey & Company and to sever state ties with the firm in light of its apparent role in fostering and designing unlawful immigration detention conditions. McKinsey’s apparent deceptive business practices in obscuring its involvement with the federal government’s unlawful and discriminatory anti-immigrant policies compel a formal investigation. LCR raised these concerns on behalf of its immigrant clients as well as tax-paying residents and unsuspecting consumers in New York and Massachusetts.
“Based on the available evidence disclosed by news outlets, it is apparent that McKinsey and its leadership have deceived the public, including company employees and tax-paying consumers, regarding the extent of the firm’s entanglement with ICE,” said Ivan Espinoza-Madrigal, LCR’s Executive Director.  
In light of the news reports, LCR urged the Attorneys General to take immediate action, including:
  • Launching a formal investigation into McKinsey’s apparent entanglement with ICE for unfair and deceptive business and trade practices.  
  • Investigating the potential for fraud, self-dealing, and violations of the False Claims Act in McKinsey’s existing government contracts; and
  • Working with pertinent state officials and state agencies to sever ties with McKinsey. 

The news report is available here. LCR’s open letter is available here.

LCR's Letter to NY and MA Attorneys General